Hey, thanks for visiting! I’m Emma. I’m a games writer and narrative designer living in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. I’ve worked on more than 30 published games and had projects featured in Paste, Rock Paper Shotgun, Warpdoor, Indie Games Curator, and more. I’m also a 2021 graduate of Susan O’Connor’s Game Writing Masterclass, and I’m currently open to part-time or full-time remote work.

In My New Roommate is a Void Monster, you are tasked with interacting with your new roommate, who just happens to be a void monster. Their food takes up room in the fridge, they keep odd hours, and won’t turn down their primordial shrieks. Ugh and it’s all just so LIKE them, you know? The game is sweet and short, capturing the tentative and tenuous relationship between any college freshman and their roommate, a shapeless void ball.

Kat Brewster, Rock Paper Shotgun

The tone of each of the stories is similarly playful, usually concerned with the routines and simple hopes of the space vessel’s population. These joyful tales are burdened with melancholy. The ship left earth because of some calamitous event, implied to be climate change. That shadow haunts the ship even hundreds of years after its departure. Ten Tales’ sense of humor, of simple human joy, is all the more profound for that sadness.

Grace Benfell, Paste Magazine

gorgeous fey writing, incredible evolution and layering of the music, the cyclic repetition and the careful, gentle steps of the writing guiding u like a dance…it’s really beautiful, the repetition like the beats of a waltz

itch.io user feyxuan

that was the weirdest game I ever played…. I liked it o_o

itch.io user fizzlymike